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Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Help improve your pet’s movement + decrease pain.

Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (VSMT) is also known as a veterinary adjustment. This is the process of applying a high velocity, low impact force to a joint that is not aligned properly. This process is similar to a chiropractic adjustment. The difference is the adjustment is performed by a licensed veterinarian, not a chiropractor.

An adjustment involves the motion palpation of the spine, head, and limbs. The most common areas treated are the jaw, neck, mid back, shoulders, and hips. VSMT Adjustments will help improve your pet’s movement, decrease pain, and reach their athletic potential. Many working dogs (therapy, dock diving, hunting, herding, agility, and show) receive veterinary adjustments to keep them in top form.

Older dogs and cats benefit through adjustments to help maintain their movement and comfort throughout their senior years. Adjustments help manage conditions that contribute to chronic pain. Veterinary adjustments also benefit animals that are hit by vehicles, play too hard, and receive back and neck injuries.

Adjustments usually take about 20-30 minutes of time. After an adjustment, please have your pet try to rest and avoid strenuous activity for three days. Your pet may be sore after an adjustment because some of the areas worked on are painful. Often, pets will require a series of at least three adjustments 2-4 weeks apart. They are usually maintained with adjustments every 4-12 weeks. Sometimes, anti-inflammatory medication and other pain reducing medication may be prescribed. Wellness supplements such as fish oil fatty acids and joint supplements are recommended.

Dr. Gamm has been helping animals with VSMT since 2010. She received her certification from the Healing Oasis located in Sturtevant, WI.

If you think your pet would benefit from spinal manipulation therapy, please call us at (262) 363-9993. Dr. Gamm would be happy to help your pets become more comfortable.